Competence in Sustainability Assessment


The CESBA-Network is continuously developing instruments and approaches to work towards a sustainable built environment assessment.


Here are some examples of recently executed projects:

CESBA Alps promote and facilitates the use and implementation of assessment tools at territorial level in low carbon policies and planning activities. A sustainability assessment tool for territories (CESBA STT), which is contextualizable for different regions has been produced.

Within the project Greencycle circular economy system for partner cities, building on available practices and existing low-carbon strategies has been developed. The project provided implementation strategies and established cross-sectoral cooperation and governance.

CESBA MEDs goal was to improve energy efficiency by using the potential that groups of buildings offer. Implementation at neighborhood level show clearly that a building scale approach is not optimal in reaching significant cost-effective improvements.

Project Results

During past EU projects, CESBA has produced a number of results.

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