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CESBA Neighborhood Award Francais

Present your success story and share it!

Exchange and learn from others!

The European CESBA MED project for Sustainable Cities invites you to participate at the CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019!

The application is open until 31st January 2019.


  • Improve the quality of life for inhabitants and minimise negative impacts on climate and resources

  • Collect knowledge on urban development

  • Give visibility and share knowledge

  • Contribute to the  global SBE Urban Challenge

Geographical coverage

  • The CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019 is open to different urban areas (cities, districts, neighborhoods, etc.) all over Europe (EU members countries and non EU members countries)


  • Application open to all (Cities, NGO, Students, Consultants,...)

  • No participation fee

  • Whole application process in digital form


By population:

  • Urban areas in cities under 10.000 inhabitants

  • Urban areas in cities between 10.001 and 50.000 inhabitants

  • Urban areas in cities over 50.001 inhabitants

By sort of project:

  • New developments: New urban areas, where the implementation works are nearly finished

  • Existing areas: Existing areas, where the refurbishment works are nearly finished

  • Areas under planning or in implementation phase

A neighborhood...

...has at least three of the following criteria: 40.000 m² up to 160.000 m² ground area (200 m to 400 m)

...can be crossed in 10-15 min walk

...cluster of 5 -15 buildings; 200-1.500 Inhabitants


  • Certificate of participation, diploma to the winners of each category, Recognitions for particularly ambitious activities

  • Publication of the award-winning projects (online and print)

  • Visibility of the projects through communication activities of the CESBA-MED project and partners

  • Dedicated time slot for presentation during the World Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conference, Gothenburg (Sweden), on June 9-11th 2020

CESBA Neighborhood Award Concept

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