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Present your Neighborhood

Please fill in the form below!
Please upload photos / documents of the neighborhood. Max. 15 MB
Additional document. Max. 15 MB
Please describe the neighborhood in  a few words.
Please describe the overall vision for the neighborhood?
Please describe the unique specifity (USP) of the neighborhood development and the added value for the inhabitants of the neighborhood.
Please describe the problems and challenges of the neighborhood.
Please describe the solutions applied for the problems and challenges.
Please describe what you learned from other neighborhoods and integrated into your neighborhood activities and structures.
Please describe your efforts made to improve the neighborhood based on the local capacities (actions over the past few - approx. 7 years). Please provide evidence and give examples.
Please describe the target group of your activity. How do you reach out to them? How do you impact them?
Please describe in general terms the financing of your neighborhood development activity.
Please describe the success of the neighborhood development in general.
Please provide evidence and give examples.
Please describe the future perspective, expected operating and maintenance efforts.
Please explain your estimations.

Participants are fully responsible for any demands by third parties that may arise from violations of property rights and expenses associated with mounting a legal defense.


Participants merely grant the organizers the publication and user rights for the submitted information (photos, drawings, sketches, plans, descriptions, texts video clips etc.) as required for the purposes of online presenting and online archiving, publishing an award booklet and award exhibition (including a presentation (poster, oral etc.) during the SBE global challenge) and press releases, newsletters and further communication activities of the rewarded examples. All participants expressly agree to the publication of their applications and names.

If you have any problems with sending the online form please send your description of neighborhood directly via e-mail to

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