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CESBA Sprint Workshops

What is a CESBA Sprint Workshop?

Participating at a CESBA Sprint Workshop means staying away from the office for three days, working in a creative atmosphere which offers the possibility to focus on certain topics and establishing strong relationships with other experts.

Three days of exchange for people who:

  •  want to broaden their horizons and be at the pulse of time.

  •  like to interact and network, be creative and want to share ideas and develop common projects with  colleagues from ohter nations.

  • want to design the future in the built environment sector locally, regionally or transnationally.

Sprint Method

The sprint method is used especially for innovation and development processes. The method helps to build efficient task forces with the participation of users, developers and decision makers working together in a strict and efficient manner. The goal is to get useful and approved results in a very short time. The method allows the participants to work shoulder on shoulder for a defined amount of hours. In addition, during the common working days on a common place the participants are going to build a community, a more and more common understanding for the needs and the methods which are required from the target groups.

“Great event, great people, great work!

Meeting so much people sharing our views and ambitions for the sustainable built environment was really very profitable for us"

Jean-Pascale Schaefer - EnvirobatBDM at CESBA Sprint Workshop 2017 in Bezau

Get an impression of our CESBA Sprint Workshops

5th CESBA Sprintworkshop 2018 in Gozo / Malta

5th CESBA Sprintworkshop 2018 in Gozo / Malta

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